AMISTCO Wedge wire screens are widely used in the in a wide range of applications to separate solids from liquids. Cylinders can be manufactured to meet a wide range of large diameter collector, water intake, resin trap and inline strainer applications. For a closely controlled spray small diameter Wedge wire can be manufactured to create or replace nozzles in a wide range of applications. Single piece screened cylinders can be manufactured to 30 inch diameters. Sieve (static) screens can be manufactured in a variety of materials in flat or curved configurations and custom designed to your specific application. A variety of constructions and wire diameters can be employed to improve the durability or your screened product and flow characteristics. Engineers at AMISTCO separations products offer years of experience improving filter and spray processes in a wide range of industries that use screened cylinders as part of their process including:

Water & Waste Water
For water treatment and industrial process water AMISTCO can design a Wedge wire system for numerous applications:

  • Header/lateral screen

  • Curved screens

  • Strainers

  • Intake screens


Surface Water 
Primarily for intake applications AMISTCO can design Wedge wire systems for

  • Drinking water plants

  • Fish hatcheries and diversion

  • Industrial process water in automotive, biopharmaceutical, food and beverage and electronic manufacturing applications

  • Power plant cooling water

  • Desalination plants

AMISTCO water well screens provide reliable filtration for a wide range of well completion and work over operations. AMISTCO water well screens are constructed of a series of parallel “V” shaped wrapped wires, cold wound welded on perpendicular support rods.  The result is a smooth plug resistant screen surface that is very structurally sound.

We engineer our products to optimize strength, precision, and flexibility in the field. They are built to provide specific end-user solutions for a broad range of well completion applications in water well industries.

AMISTCO well completion screens are available in various shapes and sizes and constructions to meet a wide range of customer requirements.  We also offer a range of fittings and materials of construction to meet a wide variety of applications.

Rod Based AMISTCO Water Well Screens
AMISTCO continuous slot well screens are very effective in relatively shallow, thin aquifer wells since they are able to be manufactured with very small slot size and maintain the necessary open area to minimize frictional head loss.

AMISTCO Water Well Screens are manufactured by wrapping a shaped wire around an internal array of longitudinal rods. The wire and rod, generally made from carbon or stainless steel are joined by resistance welding. Screen sections are usually twenty feet long. The ‘V’ or wedge shaped Wedge wire wraps around the support rods over the full length of the screen creating a continuous and consistent slot opening. Most continuous wire wrap screens are manufactured from stainless steel in order to avoid problems associated with sand pumping that may result from accelerated corrosion of carbon steel screens.

AMISTCO Water Well Screens Advantages  

  • Continuous slot opening significantly increases the available open area providing greater access to the water-bearing zone 

  • “V” shaped Wedge wire, avoids clogging, is self-cleaning and ensures an uninterrupted flow

  • AMISTCO screens are strong and durable

Advantages of AMISTCO Water Well Screens vs. Conventional Slotted Pipes 

  • More energy efficient & increased water flow

  • Reduces erosion of entry surface & increase well life

  • Allows a uniform & efficient water production

  • Reduces potential pump damage & subsequent maintenance costs

‘V’ profile or wedge wire ensures that the filter pack particles make a ‘two point’ contact across the slot opening. Clogging and loss of open area are avoided, local incrustation and well wall erosion are minimized & well life is enhanced.

AMISTCO Continuous Slot Pipe Based Well Screens
AMISTCO pipe based well screens are well suited for deep vertical wells, horizontal remediation and supply wells. A screen jacket and pipe are welded together to create a strong durable well screen.  Longitudinal support rods on the screen pipe direct flow to the perforations in the pipe. The strength of the inner pipe liner allows the use of smaller wrap wire creating greater open area.

Continuous Slot Pre-packed Rod based and Pipe Based Well Screens
For down hole sand control AMISTCO prepacked screens eliminate the need to gravel pack. Factory installed pack material in the annulus between outer and inner screens are available from AMISTCO. The double screen construction and packing significantly increase tensile strength and collapse resistance. Prepacked screens are available in 20 ft. lengths of continuously wrapped screen.


Stainless: Types 304 and 316L
For water wells where elements rapidly corrode carbon and stainless steel is recommended.  Stainless steel is resistant to the detrimental effects of H2S, CO2, and salt water. Removal of incrustation by acidizing may be safely accomplished in stainless steel screens.

Low Carbon

For economical completions, low carbon steel materials are available.

Food & Beverage Processing
For food and beverage de-watering, wastewater and processing ask an AMISTCO separations specialist how you can improve your process.  AMISTCO Separation Products engineering specializes in new or replacement Wedge wire applications in starch, sugar malting, brewery/wine and dairy applications:

  • Vibrator screens for separation and classification

  • Diffuser screens for sugar processing or to separate raw juice from pulp

  • Trommel screens for separations

  • Flat panel screens in sugar, starch and malting

  • Centrifugal baskets for dewatering and separation

  • Static (DSM) screens to increase screening capacity

  • Strainers for dewatering and separating

Refining & Petrochemical
For a wide range of refining and petrochemical processes, AMISTCO can provide numerous Wedge wire screens to meet a full range of media retention, desulfering, hydro treating, sand filtering and other applications. Some our products include:

  • Catalyst support beds

  • Inlet/Outlet collector baskets

  • Centrifuge baskets

  • Header/Laterals

  • Nozzles systems for media retention and demineralization

  • Filters for pressure vessel internal components

  • Center pipe

  • General baskets


Pulp & Paper
AMISTCO Wedge wire screen can be manufactured to replace existing screens or improve separation throughput efficiency in numerous paper processing applications including:

  • Pressure screens for high and low separator pulp screening, fiber thickening and recovery, dewatering and effluent waste water treatment

  • Static (DSM) screens to increase flow capacity

  • Top separator and cooker screens

  • Black liquor drainers

Mining & Mineral Processing
For OEM replacement components or dewatering and classification applications AMISTCO can manufacture to specification or process requirement

  • Flat panel/vibrating

  • Trommel screens

  • Conical centrifuge baskets/dryers

  • Sieve screens

OEM & Other Industries

Primarily for intake applications AMISTCO can design Wedge wire systems for \

  • Drinking water plants

  • Fish hatcheries and diversion

  • Industrial process water in automotive, biopharmaceutical, food and beverage and electronic manufacturing applications

  • Power plant cooling water

  • Desalination plants

Regardless of the application AMISTCO application engineers bring years of experience providing customers with special Wedge wire constructions that extend the service life and improve  filtration/separation performance. We gladly work with OEM fabricators as well as end users to provide innovative solutions to your flow application.




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