For a wide range of industrial and process applications AMISTCO Separation Products manufactures a complete line of Wedge Wire industrial screens. The Wedge Wire screen products are constructed of a series of parallel “V” resistance welded cold drawn wire, cold wound welded on perpendicular support rods. The result is a smooth plug resistant screen surface that is very structurally sound. AMISTCO Wedge Wire industrial screens provide superior performance in numerous water and wastewater, food processing, mining and minerals, chemical, petrochemical and numerous other process and environmental  industries.

  • The wedge tapered opening becomes progressively wider increasing dewatering efficiency

  • Non plugging, unlike mesh there are only two contact points to retain particles

  • Slot sizes ranging from .002 to 1.0

  • Durable and capable of carrying heavier loads without support structures

  • Flexibility in forming fabricating and shaping

  • Wide range of materials

  • Low maintenance, easy to clean

  • Capable of forming, fabricating and shaping


Our experienced staff provides the following custom support services:

  • process analysis, troubleshooting and recommendation

  • design products to your performance criteria or specifications

  • redesigns and retrofits to improve performance and cost effectiveness

  • technical support

  • quality assurance

Profile and Support Configurations

AMISTCO manufactures Wedge wire screens and screen products to accommodate a wide range of requirements. Different construction methods can be employed to address flow direction and strength of the product. Standard AMISTCO screen products feature external circumferential wedge wire for outside to inside flow. Internal circumferential wedge wires can face the support rods for inside to outside applications. Support structures can be included for additional strength. Screens can be built parallel or perpendicular to the flow.


Catalyst Bed Supports

Support grids provide superior media retention characteristics in vessels of all types. They feature durable construction, precise open area, and are virtually non-clogging. For larger vessel diameters AMISTCO support grids are manufactured in sections to accommodate installation through man ways.  A complete vessel internal design includes inlet basket, distributor laterals, support grid, outlet basket  collector laterals with backwash systems for efficient and effective operation.  

Nozzles, Strainers

AMISTCO Wedge wire screen retention nozzles are manufactured in accordance to customer flow requirements in almost any alloy. They can be designed for filtration or treatment systems to permit more effective use of the treatment media. Because of their non-clogging design wedge wire nozzles are effective in a wide range of water treatment and other industrial applications. Nozzles can also be used as collectors at the bottom of the vessels by installing the nozzles uniformly across a tray plate. The combination of high open area and a non-plugging slot design makes this nozzle/collector application popular.


Hub and header laterals

Hub Laterals can be designed for disc head vessels enabling the system to collect completely to the bottom of the vessel. Header Lateral designs are typical for flat bottom vessel distributor or collector applications. System designs can accommodate side, center, top or bottom inlet piping. Integral backwash systems can be designed for any hub and header lateral for fast effective and efficient cleaning. Inlet/outlet piping of the laterals can be flanged or threaded. All systems are designed for effective liquid or solid retention in a wide range of applications including exchangers, clay and sand filtration applications, carbon towers and power plants with water systems. AMISTCO designs each system to provide equal distribution or collection to avoid flow/pressure concentrations.

Static and Flat Screens

Wedge wire screens are particularly well matched to the requirements of high capacity filtration. These screens are self-cleaning, durable and reusable. Static screens (curve screens) with wrapped wire perpendicular to the flow direction allows water to drop through screen to be collected as wastewater while the angle and flow allow the solids to slide over. These products are used wastewater and other applications. Flat screen panels are used in a similar application as static screens in sewage separation systems and in dam systems.

Resin Trap Screens

Amistco Resin Traps are placed in a housing inline with the flow to capture expensive media. We can design the traps to capture media particles as small as 100 microns. With the continuous open slot, the traps provide sufficient open area to let process flow move effectively. Our engineering group can provide a complete system with housing design.

Inlet and Outlet Baskets

AMISTCO Inlet and Outlet baskets are designed to meet open area, design temperature, catalyst load and differential pressure specifications. Baskets can be bolted, welded or sectioned as needed to suit customer requirements.

Numerous custom filtration applications

For a myriad of standard or inverted flow filtration requirements AMISTCO separation specialists can assist you in designing a wide variety wedge wire screen and other separations products. For applications that require very fine particulate removal AMISTCO also manufactures a wide range of mist eliminators tower internals, and other components critical to effective mass transfer and separation.
























NOTE: Other wires and rods available upon request.













.098 dia.

.125 dia.

.140 dia.

Wedge Wire Screen Brochure (PDF)

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