Woven Structured Packing

AMISTCO Woven Structured Packing is excellent for applications that require a large number of theoretical stages, lower pressure drop and small overall packed bed heights. (It is the equivalent of the well known BX® packing.) The AWSP packing is manufactured from specially woven wire gauze that is pressed into smooth plates, uniformly perforated, corrugated and stacked with corrugations in alternate directions. This construction promotes intimate gas/liquid contact.

AMISTCO AWSP packing is well suited for applications that require high separation efficiency and minimal hold-up. Proven applications include:
• Pharmaceuticals
• Fine chemicals
• Flavors and fragrances
• Electronic chemicals

The performance of AWSP can be summarized below:


5” to 8”

Pressure drop

0.1 W.C. per theoretical stage

Liquid flow

0.05 to 5 gpm/square foot

Capacity factor

0.1 to 0.25 ft./sec

The AWSP Structured Packing is available in a wide range of metal and alloy materials. For availability and lead times consult the factory.

AMISTCO Separation Products, Inc. manufactures a full line of tower internals, mist eliminators and other components critical to effective mass transfer and separation. For more details regarding these products, visit our website or consult with an AMISTCO Separations representative.

Woven Structured Packing Technical Bulletin

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