Knitted Structured Packing

AKSP Tower packing is the AMISTCO Separation Products Goodloe® equivalent. Amistco high-efficiency structured packing is ideally suited for applications that demand high separation efficiency with a lower pressure drop. Its low HETP requirements result in smaller column heights.

The packing is made from multiple strands of fine wire that are knitted together in a tubular pattern and then crimped and coiled or layered to provide a three dimensional structure of peak and valleys. The multi-strand fine wire provides a high surface area and a capillary effect on the descending liquid to promote intimate vapor-liquid contact, uniform liquid distribution, and a thin layer of liquid film. This results in higher mass transfer efficiencies, lower pressure drop, and high turndown ratios, up to 20:1. Typical HETP values range from 3” to 12”. For high vacuum services, 4” to 6” HETP is typical.

• High Purity Product distillations (fragrances, flavors, dyestuff intermediates, fluorinated hydrocarbons, lubricating oil additives, specialtymonomers, pesticides, rubber processing)

• Mass transfer (deaeration, carbonation)

• Solvent and Byproduct recovery (resins, coatings, fibers, films, pharmaceuticals, plasticizers, and custom distillations)

• Scrubbing (sulfur recovery, air purification)

The AKSP Structured Packing is available in a wide range of metal and alloy materials. For availability and lead times consult the factory.

Packing Data

Knitted Structured Packing Technical Bulletin

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