Amistco Superblend 2-Pac

What if we said we could improve your tower's efficiency 25% and capacity 15%?

Amistco SuperBlend 2-Pac™ Blended Bed Development

If you are intrigued by the prospects of increasing capacity and efficiency, then we want to tell you about the Amistco SuperBlend 2-Pac™ (SB 2-Pac™) blended bed. Amistco SB 2-Pac™ technology is not a simple packed bed made up of a single size packing, but a patented blending of different size packings to comprise a single bed.

Amistco has utilized the best metal random packing design in the business, Amistco High Performance Packing (AHPP), and blended two packing sizes to improve the packed bed's performance. In other words, where you once used a single size packing in a bed, it is now possible to combine various AHPP sizes in a single bed to create Amistco's SB 2-Pac™ blended bed. As a result, the blended bed has the best operating characteristics of each size of packing. Specifically, the blended bed has the efficiency of the smaller packing combined with the capacity and pressure drop of the larger packing.

Blended Bed Technology Applications

SuperBlend 2-Pac™ blended bed is recommended for the following types of processing towers:

• Absorption and Stripping – where environmental pressures strain existing column capacities and efficiencies.

• Fine Chemical Distillation – where numerous theoretical stages and low pressure drops are the norm.

• Refinery Fractionators – where maximum capacity and stable operations are required.

• Retrofit Opportunities – any mass or heat transfer tower limited by conventional or third generation random packing.

Performance Data You Can Measure

It is common knowledge that utilizing different size packings produce various operating results. Until now, when maximum bed efficiency was required, smaller size packings were utilized. And, where gains were needed in capacity and/or lower pressure drop, larger sizes were employed.

The benefits of combining two sizes of packing had previously been established.* Amistco licensed this technology and explored the potential of extending its application to high performance packings.

An SB 2-Pac™ blended bed was tested by Separation Research Project (SRP), at the University of Texas. Testing included distillation of the C6/C7 system (four pressures), air/water hydraulics, and CO2/NaOH for absorption.

Of course, maximum bed performance is always dependent on the proper application of high quality vapor and liquid distribution systems.

Distillation Test Results of the SuperBlend 2-Pac™
Blended Bed Technology

The distillation data present below was developed in SRP's 18" OD test column with a 10' bed depth using the well known Cyclohexane/n-Heptane (C6 / C 7 ) chemical system at 60 psia, 24 psia, 4.83 psia and 2.40 psia. Analysis of the SRP results showed that the patented SB 2-Pac™ blendedbed has an impressive 15 to 20% HETP advantage over the IMTP® #4 packing while maintaining the same pressure drop and capacity.

SuperBlend 2-Pac™ Blended Bed Technology Reduces Pressure Drop

In the air/water test, SRP data indicates that the SB 2-Pac™ bed provided the same pressure drop when compared to IMTP® #40 packing, tested under the same conditions.

This is good, solid independent testing. Should you desire to review the original test data, simply call your local Amistco representative. Tell them you want to know how the new SB 2-Pac™ blended bed technology can improve your distillation tower's performance.

The information presented herein is believed to be accurate and reliable, but is presented without guarantee or warranty on the part of Amistco Separation Products, Inc. Further, nothing contained herein shall be taken as an inducement or recommendation to manufacture or use any of the herein described materials or processes in violation of existing or future patents.

Mass Transfer Coefficient

Carbon Dioxide/Sodium Hydroxide absorption data is available upon request as KGa vs. liquid rate.

Superblend 2-PAC Brochure

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