Re-Usable Metal Filters (RMF)

RMF-Filters have a great advantage over conventional cartridge filters e.g. pleated, paper, polymer and others. The knitted wire filters can be cleaned and reused. This reduces the disposal cost to a fraction of current levels. These filters are also heat, shock and corrosion resistant.


• Oil Filtration
• Fuel Filtration
• Filters
• Solvent Filtration
• Chemical Filtration
• Metal Cutting Fluids
• Oily Wastewater Filtration

Pressure Drop Characteristics

Typical Micron Rating for all Metal RMF Units

Typical Dirt-Holding Capacities for all Metal RMF Units

Benefits :

• Increases machine tool life
• Cleans your recycled oil and other industrial fluids
• Removes metal contaminants from coolants
• Reduces expenditures on new fluids
• Less down time of your system
• Cleaner fluids mean less erosion of your equipment
• Reduces disposal costs

Complete Filter Systems :

• Skid mounted/packaged units
• Fully instrumented
• Variable flow capacities
• Variable operating pressures
• With or without pumps

RMF Technical Bulletin

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