Packing Supports

Amistco Packing Supports
To support packing and aid in gas/liquid distribution, AMISTCO offers a wide variety of packing support plates. These supports are available for both random and structured packing.

Multi-Beam Gas Injection Support Plates (APS-IS)
This design supports random packing and aids liquid distribution without impeding gas flow. The support plate consists of a series of perforated arches. The vapor passes through the slots in the arches while liquid passes through the slots in the deck. Normal pressure drop across the plates is usually below 1/4” W.C. with the slot area being 80% to 110% of the tower cross-section area. The support plate rests on support ledges which are welded to the tower. Clamps and mid-span beams are available as required. Bed depths of 30 feet and higher can be achieved using gas injection type supports.

Grid Type Support Plates (APS-GS)
Grid type packing supports are used for structured packing to provide a horizontal contact surface and to prevent distortion of the packing. This design can also be considered for random packing. A wide range of openings is available to prevent the packing from falling through. The supports typically rest on support ledges. For larger towers with manways, sectional designs are standard.



Packing Support Technical Bulletin

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