Weir Trough Type

AMISTCO Weir Type Liquid Distributors effectively handle a wide variety of gases and liquids. They feature a series of closed end troughs that have slots through which the liquid is uniformly dispersed over the packed bed. Liquids feed evenly to one or more of the parting boxes, which in turn distribute the flow to the troughs. The parting boxes receive the liquids through sparger type feed pipes. The tower diameter and the liquid flow determine the number of parting boxes. Up to three parting boxes may be required depending upon tower size and flow rates. Mid-span supports are required for 120” and larger sizes. Typical turn down ratio for LDW’s is 4:1.

Amistco LDW’s are self-cleaning, resistant to fouling, and are suitable for liquids with high solids content.

AMISTCO offers other variations in the distributor design including:
• Distributors with high drip density for low liquid flows
• Rectangular slots with flow guides for precise liquid control

AMISTCO Separation Products, Inc. manufactures a full line of tower internals, mist eliminators and other components critical to effective mass transfer and separation. For more details regarding these products, visit our website or consult with an AMISTCO Separations representative.

Weir Trough Type Technical Bulletin

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