MISTFIX™ Insertion Mist Eliminators

Solves Carryover Problems
The patented AMISTCO MistFix™ can solve carryover problems in vessels without a mist eliminator, as well as in vessels with a less efficient or damaged mist eliminator.

Existing or New Vessels
In existing vessels that do not have a manway, the MistFix™ Insertion Mist Eliminator is an ideal choice. It is suitable for any vessel having an 8” or larger gas outlet nozzle at the top. It also eliminates the need for hazardous entry permits. Since there is no need to enter the vessel, this drastically reduces downtime, resulting in quicker turnarounds, reduced maintenance cost and production gains. MistFix™ also eliminates the need for modifications to vessels. For new vessels MistFix™ may eliminate the need for a manway and reduce vessel cost. It also makes future maintenance easier and simpler.

Simple and Easy to Maintain
AMISTCO MistFix™ can easily be installed and replaced from the outside. Existing vessels require no modifications to accommodate the MistFix™.

• NO Cutting
• NO Welding
• NO Manway Access
• NO Hazardous Entry
• NO ASME re-certification
• NO Scaffolding
• Minimal Downtime

MISTFIX Technical Bulletin

U.S. PATENT #5985004

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